If you’re looking to replace the siding on your house, you’ll want to know how to find the best siding company in Northern Virginia for the job. First, you need to know how to tell when the siding needs replacing? Keep reading so that you can recognize the signs your siding needs replacement.

Best Siding Company Northern Virginia

1. Cracked or Loose Boards

Siding in good condition functions a lot like your roof or windows—it keeps the elements out and heat or air conditioning in. Visible cracks or loose siding indicates that your siding is in need of attention.

Loosening or cracking often occurs as a result of storm damage. In some cases, repairing segments of the siding is possible.

2. Faded or Peeling Boards

Wooden siding often takes a beating from the sun, though it can last from 8-10 years in good conditions. Once your wooden siding needs more frequent painting or is peeling at a much faster rate, replacement is usually the solution.

In the event that you need to replace the siding, choosing a more durable material like sun-resistant vinyl siding, steel siding, or fiber cement siding may provide a longer life.

3. Rotting or Warping

Siding that is rotting or warping generally indicates a full replacement is necessary. Lift warped segments to determine whether the materials underneath are soft and easily damaged.

Damage can also occur due to insect infestation, such as termites or ants. No matter the cause of the rotting or damage, treatment for the issue and replacing the siding will mitigate any consequential damage from the siding issue.

It’s important to deal with problems such as these early so they don’t lead to structural damage of the home, and make sure to select the best siding company in Northern Virginia.

4. Fungus or Mildew on Siding

Persistent fungus or mildew needs to be removed from siding at least twice a year. Its presence could indicate that moisture is being trapped beneath the panels.

In extreme cases, this may indicate that moisture is migrating inside. Moisture damages the structure of homes and can even cause mold, leading to health problems.

Evidence of moisture coming in from the outside include water stains on walls or bubbling wallpaper.

5. Your Energy Costs Rise

If you can’t explain the cost in your energy bill, replacing your siding may reduce these costs. That said, you’ll want to figure out if prices are rising in general before rushing a siding replacement, especially in Northern Virginia.

Energy costs can be impacted by a faulty roof, old windows, or inadequate insulation as well. Given the significant investment of these projects, you’ll want to direct your funds toward the offending culprit.

Best Siding Company Northern Virginia

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