Replacing a roof can be a complicated process which is why many are curious about how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement in Fairfax VA.

The bottom line is that insurance coverage for a roof replacement typically relies on the type of roof that needs to be replaced, along with the level of damage done.

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Making an Insurance Claim for a Roof Replacement

The first step will always be to make a claim to your insurance company after the damage to your roof has occurred.

You will need to provide extensive documentation including images of the roof before and after the damage.

You should also look over your policy to get a better understanding of additional requests from your insurer when making this type of claim.

Review Your Coverage

While looking at your policy information you should find an area that identifies when a roof is fully covered.

In most cases, a roof that is less than 10 years old should be completely covered.

After 10 years, you may have a smaller amount covered due to the depreciated value of your roof.

Roof Inspection After Damage

You can expect your insurance provider to send over an inspector to assess the damage and decide if your claim request was legitimate.

Be sure to arrange this meeting as soon as you can after the damage has occurred.

Roofing Contractor Estimates

Frequently, an insurance company may require a cost estimate from a roofing contractor for the work required to replace or fix the roof.

Always have your local licensed and insured roofing company provide these estimates in writing.

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