When can you repair a leaking window and when do you need to replace a leaking window? If you have been trying to see what is wrong with your current windows check out a few of these problems that can determine why your window is leaking and how you might be able to fix it with a window repair company near me.

Water Spots Around the Window

If when it rains, you also see evidence of water around the framing of the window, at the corners or on the drywall you know you have a problem.

If it only seems to come from a few spots you may be able to reseal the window and continue to use it as opposed to having to replace the window.

Water in Between the Window Panes

If you don’t see water in the home, but you can see water inside of the window panes the good news is the water leak is not damaging your home!

However, you may consider replacing the entire window just because it is no longer sealed properly between the glass and, therefore, less energy efficient.

If you have several of the same windows in your home, you may consider replacing more than one at the same time to improve your energy efficiency and avoid having to do multiple projects down the road.

Water Droplets When it isn’t Raining

If you see droplets that form on the inside of your window but there is no rain, this one means your window isn’t the problem.

Water condensation can be remedied by adjusting the humidity of your home with either air conditioning or a dehumidifier. The only danger is if you continue to have humidity issues you may see mold growth over time.

Water Leaking at the Top of the Window

Unfortunately, if you see stains at the top of the window that may indicate that there is more water leaking in the walls of your home.

This one is definitely one where you want to not only replace the window but also discover how much damage might be repaired around window as well.

Water Stains at the Bottom of the Window

This is also a sign that the window is leaking water into the walls of your home.

Oftentimes you will want to replace the window and repair the damage where water has seeped under the window

Window Repair Near Me

If you are interested in hiring a general contractor with experience in window repair and installation, you will want to work with the best in the business and not leave it to chance.

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