Your home’s exterior should feel like the perfect oasis for the weekend, yet many people only have a flat plain of grass and nothing else. What can you do to make it feel more welcoming? Not only is updating this space great for your comfort, but if you plan to sell your property, it will boost its value in no time.

These are the top tips for a fantastic exterior remodel and why it matters!

1. Build For the Worst Weather

Every area has a rough patch of weather here or there, so you need to build your yard off of what you might expect. This means adding shade for the southwest or creating a space that can handle the moisture and snow of the northeast. Whatever location you’re in should be tied with your aesthetics to help you pick between cedar vs. composite decking or whether you want a pool or not.

Don’t be afraid to look at other properties in your area to consider what updates they’ve made and whether you want that for yourself.

2. Remember Moisture Control

Moisture is one of the most damaging forces in the world, so it’s important that you stop and take it seriously. Getting the right seal on your deck, using waterproof paint on exterior spaces, and looking for cracks in cement or pavement are all important things to do.

If your lawn has a habit of standing water popping up everywhere, you should also consider putting in a rain garden. These plants pull moisture down into the ground and stop your lawn from flooding.

3. Consider How Much Space You Have

Although leaving a huge flat area of grass isn’t recommended, it’s also not a great idea to overcrowd your lawn until there’s nothing but one skinny strip of green. Instead, you should map out your future yard ahead of time. 

To do this, go on a site like Google Maps, which has a satellite image of most properties, and use that as the template for you to draw your new backyard. How large do you want your deck? Can you fit a jacuzzi? Remember to check the scale when trying things out.

4. Outdoor Entertainment Is King

There’s nothing as important as outdoor entertainment space. This key part of a home gives you the room to host a party, entertain friends and family, or simply enjoy a cookout on the weekend with your loved ones. 

Remember to get materials and machinery that’s meant to be outside, and pay attention to how close to water (like pools or jacuzzis) it is.

5. Making Maintenance Easy

Nobody wants to deal with 40 hours of maintenance a week in their own home. If you know how to waterproof under the deck, can keep up with simple mowing and weeding, and can spot issues before they happen, you should be all set.

Design a yard using native plants and low-need construction that won’t ask for more than an hour or two every week. You’ll thank yourself for doing this later on.

6. Blur the Lines of Inside and Outside

Although we’d love it if our homes allowed a view of the outdoors from every angle, it’s just not feasible. Thankfully, our yards give us a taste of nature that’s close to the comfort of home. Using thermally treated wood, a color that matches the interior of your home, and a similar design sense, you can create an outdoors that feels like it’s a clear extension of your home.

7. Your Porch is Everything

How welcoming is your front porch? It doesn’t matter how big or small it is; this is an area where you welcome people into your home, and it is often their first impression of your property. If you’re ready to create a space that’s as inviting as possible, there are three key things to consider: lighting, paint, and decor.

Warm light is seen as far more welcoming and gives people the chance to think of a space as somewhere they can relax and feel at home. If the front of your home is a patio and not a porch, consider concrete vs porcelain pavers to get the finish you’re looking for. 

8. Water Usage Can Be Pricey

Although water is something we all need to survive, it’s become increasingly expensive in recent years. In some areas, like Tucson, Arizona, there’s been a large outcry from homeowners about how much it costs to keep their grass green.

Instead of pouring hundreds into the lawn every month, it’s time for everyone to think about more low-water options. Artificial turf has seen a huge jump in popularity, allowing people to have a pristine green lawn without wasting a drop of water. This type of ground cover can last over twenty years when used and maintained correctly!

Your Outdoor Space Can Stun

Whether you’re using this, remodel as a way to boost your property’s value before you sell, or you’re excited to create a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy life, there’s nothing like an exterior transformation to change everything. Consider working with RIBA Construction and watch your home change!