As a part of the exterior work that we specialize in, masonry is often being installed, repaired or replaced. Great masonry is literally the foundation for having a stable and water-tight home. Learn more about our recent masonry repair & replacement in Fairfax VA.

Chimney Repair & Replacement Fairfax VA

We rebuilt the top 4 feet of the chimney on one job.  The weather and elements deteriorated the mortar and cap and the home began to take on leaks. 

IN another job we added new flashing around the chimney before the roof replacement to provide a tight seal. Chimneys are most often the source of roof leaks on a home.

Foundation for New Deck Project Fairfax VA

The concrete work is a different job where we are preparing for a deck build and extended an existing patio to accommodate a larger deck.  

Masonry Repair and Replacement in Fairfax VA

Call us today for your next project whether its repairing masonry as a part of your roofing project or building a foundation for your next deck.