The right siding installed professionally by RIBA Construction can immensely boost your home’s value and appearance. It’s like your skin! You want to maintain and give it proper attention so it does not crack/get damaged and let outside elements inside. Your home’s siding plays an instrumental role in protecting your house and the contents within it.

There are several siding options available, so you want to make sure you go for the one that suits your home’s style. Here are some of the most popular siding options you can choose from RIBA Construction.

Vinyl Siding – Certainteed, Norandex, Variform, Mastic

  • Budget-friendly siding solution that won’t compromise quality and offers various options
  • Low maintenance and versatile
  • Lots of profiles, including Clap board, Dutch Lap, Shakes, Fish Scales, Beaded Designs, other lap, and horizontal and vertical panels

Fiber Cement Siding – James Hardie

  • Gives the scenic look of actual types of wood but more durable, and less maintenance 
  • Water & Termite resistant
  • Non-flammable
  • Guaranteed to last longer – 25-years warranty on factory paint finish.

Great Siding has to be Installed Right

Regardless of the siding type you choose, you want to make sure the wall that the siding will be installed on is in good shape. Check the plywood condition and make sure there is a quality moisture barrier homewrap – like Tyvek, Norandex, or James Hardie house wraps that we offer. This prevents mold, promotes drying in wall systems and helps insulation perform closer to its R-value.

Siding is an important investment and we at RIBA Construction understand that – We do everything possible to ensure that it serves you for decades. The good news is, with RIBA Construction’s experience & “Not Cutting Corners” approach, you can rest assured that your siding’s lifespan is maximized.

Look for an Installer that Exceeds ASTM Requirements

From using nails and fasteners that meet or exceed ASTM requirements to using OSI QUAD caulk on corner and butt joints in fiber cement siding, RIBA Construction’s value-added to your siding project is unmatched. Additionally, we can add attic insulation and seal gaps around pipes and ducts to increase insulation and reduce your energy bills.

Best Vinyl Siding Installers Near Me

We work from a position of meeting our customer’s needs with quality work that we take pride in. From the initial consultation, we’ll show you our license and insurance information upfront so you always know who you’re working with.

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