Gutter guard installation offers many benefits. Cleaning gutters is time consuming, dangerous task and many homeowners prefer gutter guards. If you are still on the fence about gutter guard installation, here’s something to consider.

Types of Gutter Guard

There are many kinds of gutter guards available, from vinyl, pvc, steel, aluminum and even copper. This wide variety means there is a gutter guard to fit any climate and home esthetic.

The purpose of a gutter guard is to stop leaves and debris from entering the gutter. Debris can block the downspouts, clog the gutter and your underground drains. This can lead to any number of issues with your home, including foundation problems due to water runoff.

Gutter guards effectively prevent debris from entering the gutter which eliminates clogs. Furthermore, gutter guard installation drastically reduces the amount of time and maintenance you must perform on your home.

Gutter Guards are Easy and Convenient

It is recommended that homeowners clean out the gutters, or pay a professional to do it, at least twice a year. Depending on where you live, you may require more cleanings. Either way, cleaning the gutters requires time and money.

Gutter guards prevent the dead leaves and debris from accumulating in your gutters. While some debris may collect on top of the gutter guards, it is exponentially easier to clean off the guard. Without gutter guards, you must physically dig out the twigs, leaves, seeds, and debris from the gutter.  

Pest Protection

Did you know that gutter guards also offer protection against pests?  They can prevent bats, squirrels, mice, birds, from entering the gutters. Furthermore, since there is less stagnant water sitting in the gutters, mosquitoes and even spiders are prevented from breeding in your gutters. Additionally, they prevent possums and other rodents from entering, which helps keep them out of the roof space of your home.

Winter Worries

During the winter months the water trapped in your gutter can freeze and create an ice dam. This can cause damage to the gutter and downspouts. However, with gutter guards, there is less chance of debris accumulation and therefore, less risk of ice dams.

Protect Against Fire

If you live in area with a lot of bush and brushfires you likely already know the danger of having debris filled gutters. Embers can easily travel long distances and if those embers encounter the dry leaves in your gutter, it can easily ignite and spread. Gutter guards act as a barrier between debris and embers and help protect your home.

Improving Water Flow

Since they prevent clogs, gutter guards improve the water flow in your gutters and downspouts. This offers many benefits to your home. First, getting rid of the moisture that stays trapped in traditional gutters helps prevent your home from developing premature rust and corrosion.

Additionally, if you have a rainwater tank or rain barrel, having gutter guards will help your tank refill quicker when it rains. You will also have cleaner water since it is free of debris and contaminants.

Lastly, preventing clogs means that your gutters won’t overflow. Overflowing gutters can allow water to damage your home’s foundation or enter your home and cause water damage. Overflowing gutters also cause stains on the exterior of the home.

Best Gutter Guard Installation Near Me

If you are ready to improve and protect your home while making maintenance easier, its time for gutter guard installation. Contact RIBA Construction to learn more about the best gutter guard installation.