Over the course of many years of improving technology, the replacement vinyl window has gone through a lot of enhancements, leading to today’s windows that are engineered and designed very well.

Whether a wood or vinyl window, the major attributes that distinguish one window from another in terms of quality are:

(1) The window’s ability to limit air infiltration and its energy efficiency. This speaks to the structural integrity of the window and its build quality and even proper installation. 

(2) The warranty of the product and the responsiveness of the manufacturer and installer if things ever go wrong. 

(3) The cosmetic aspects of the window, how “good” it looks:  the molding lines, the finishing of the weld seams in the case of vinyl.

Cheaper priced windows make sacrifices in some or all of these areas, while some higher end window manufacturers may do well to excel in all of these areas and separate themselves from the competition.

  • Wood Windows have a more natural look and certainly will appeal to the purest out there.  Often wood is required in historic districts that have HOAs and covenants that drive window selection.  While certainly beautiful, it is rare that we install wood windows simply because of the added maintenance that comes with them.  Homeowners need to keep in mind that while beautiful, the main drawback to wood windows is the need to continually upkeep and maintain the window with painting and staining.
  • Vinyl Windows are our biggest sellers and most popular with homeowners.  They are durable, look and perform wonderfully, and are nearly maintenance free.  Based on this and the pricing of these windows, most homeowners fall into this camp.
  • Vinyl Clad Windows are a great alternative to wood windows.  These windows come with a wood interior that is painted or stained, but have a vinyl cladding on the exterior of the window which protects the window’s exterior wood from the elements.  This greatly decreases or removes the exterior maintenance requirements that come with a wood that has a wood exterior.  In short, these windows offer the beauty of a wood window on the interior of your home, but with the maintenance-free aspects similar to vinyl on the exterior of your home. 

Not only can new windows give your home a beautiful and complete makeover, they can greatly lower  your energy bills and thus fetch a return on your investment.  New replacement windows also give the homeowner an opportunity yo change the type of window they want without adding to the cost.   

For example, casement windows are very popular and we frequently will install those where there were previously double-hung windows.  While the double-hung is very standard and typical, owners should know that they have a choice as there are many other types of windows such as Casements, Awnings, Sliders, and Pictures.

RIBA construction does not push or have any special relationship with any brand.  With most all brands we get our contractor discounts and do our best to pass savings to the homeowner. 

Pella, Simonton, Alside, and Atrium are all windows that we install often and we find that usually one of those brands provides a good solution for the specific goals and needs of the customer.  The Pella 250, Pella 350, and Pella Lifestyles windows are a great bang for the buck.  They look beautiful and have a fantastic build quality.

What we want for our customers is a window that they will be happy with, one that will last a long time, and one where the manufacturer’s warranty is top-notch.

Our standard installation includes spray foam insulation, aluminum trim coil wrapping of your home’s exterior window trim, and a completely finished interior that does not require any interior work or painting once we finish.After our installation, your home will be ready for guests, and the work is 100% completed.  

Our trim coil wrapping is a further means to insulate your home and additionally it keeps the rain and snow and insects away from your home’s exterior window trim. 

Say goodbye to painting and continual maintenance involved with painting your home every five years.  Our aluminum coil comes in many colors and we are certain to get near exact matches that you will love.  Trim wrapping is done on-site.  We field measure, bend and cut on-site for a full custom installation. 

Contact us today to learn more about the wide assortment of window styles, glass, materials, and colors available to you, all made to your home’s specifications.